Master Tak Wah Eng
Artist. Martial Arts Instructor. Fight Scene Choreographer

Sifu Tak Wah Eng has been involved with the ancient world of martial arts since the tender age of four. Growing up in Hong Kong and later moving to The United States, Sifu Eng has had the opportunity of studying with the world's top martial arts masters. Today, after four decades of training, Tak Wah Eng is recognized as one of the most accomplished Masters, earning him respect and distinction. He has won many prestigious awards for forms competition, full contact fighting and has served as a judge in numerous tournaments and demonstrations. Sifu Eng has has also served as a fight choreographer and technical advisor for many feature films and has appeared on a variety of national television series.

In a world full of self-proclaimed 'masters', Tak Wah Eng proclaims nothing, but is everything. This is the sign of a true master. He is a living embodiment of what he teaches. Balance. Sifu Eng stresses that being in great physical shape is not enough. The key to mastering the Shaolin Arts is a sense of self-esteem and confidence, and both are essential in creating a happy and balanced individual.

Not only is Sifu Eng a revered Shaolin martial arts master, but also a skilled painter and calligrapher who has exhibited his work in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Far East. His conception of balance incorporates his passion for painting. His work is dynamic and unusual in its use of vibrant colors and ancient brushstrokes, melding the modern with centuries past. It is in this balance of Yin and Yang, the spiritual and the physical, that Tak Wah Eng exists.
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