Fu-Jow Pai Tiger Claw System
50 Anniversary - Salute to our founding father Grandmaster Wai Hong

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Fu-Jow Pai
Making History: The First 50 Years.

By Tak Wah Eng

In August 2007, I joined Grandmaster Wai Hong for an important meeting. The 50th anniversary of Grandmaster Wai Hong's Fu-Jow Pai (Tiger Claw System) was nearing, and he wanted to start working on a commerative book for our system and it's members. Sifu Nelson Lai and Sifu Tony Lau, coordinated and compiled an immense amount of information and material for the book. Sifu Tony Lau's student, Paul Koh, in cooperation with his art team began laying out the book. Page-by-page they worked around the clock under the guidance and supervision of Grandmaster Wai Hong. The book contains rare and previously unpublished photos, hand-written notes, and philosophical anecdotes about training and life. Grandmaster Wai Hong's wisdom and knowledge is embedded inside the pages of this special book. Also documented for the first time is a life and death bare-knuckle challenge match in NYC Chinatown in 1977 won by Grandmaster Hong's student from Fu-Jow Pai. The Chinese chapters of this book document the numerous challenge matches and tournaments conducted by Grandmaster Wai Hong and Fu-Jow Pai over the years. The English chapters document the historical, philosophical and physical origins of the Fu-Jow Pai (Tiger Claw System) including photos from Hoy Hong Temple and Grandmaster Wai Hong's personal collection. Also inside are Grandmaster Wai Hong's secret training methods, the classical Fu-Jow Pai opening salutation, iron hand training, secret tiger-claw training, Tiger Claw Fist Form, single head staff, straight sword, saber, empty-hand vs. saber sparring set, and concept of free fighting.

Today, Grandmaster Wai Hong is still expanding the system and promoting new material through books and DVDs. This book is the only officially authorized volume documenting the history of the Fu-Jow Pai.

Grandmaster Wai Hong teaching the Tiger-Claw block with Tak Wah Eng during the 1970s.

"This book is a must-have for all Fu-Jow Pai enthusiasts."

"Grandmaster Wai Hong is truly a great hero within the Chinese martial arts"
Sifu Henry Moy

"A leader of men and martial artists"
Sifu Mak Hin Fai
    Grandmaster Wai Hong playing his favorite straight-sword form.
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